The Cider Press Gallery is owned, managed and curated by me – Hannah Robinson.

The launching of the gallery in 2020 (formerly as the Eastgate Gallery on Totnes High Street) was an exciting step for me, and has drawn upon all the experience, knowledge and contacts I have gained having been working in the art and craft sector for 18 years. Since 2002 I have worked alongside my glass artist husband Steve Robinson, managing our glass design business. During this time I have been at the front-line of ‘Steve Robinson Glass’ – handling enquiries, sales, marketing, accounts, finance, admin… essentially everything but the creative part!

We relocated to Devon from St David’s in Pembrokeshire in 2017, and whilst getting to know the surrounding area I have realised what an incredible wealth of talented artists and craftspeople there are here – many tucked away in their own studios off the beaten track. I have felt that there is an opportunity to support these artists and makers, many of whose work is not known or available elsewhere in this part of Devon.

Whilst I am not a practising craftsperson myself, being married to and working with one for so long has given me a great insight into the amount of time, effort and skill that goes into creating even the smallest of pieces. I therefore fully appreciate high quality craftsmanship, artistry and technical skill, and believe I have a good eye for the finest work.

I have created the Gallery as a showcase of some of the best British contemporary art and craft, and am pleased to shine a particular spotlight on selected artists and makers from here in the South West. I hope you enjoy the work I have chosen.