Sheila Hickey – Ceramics

Sheila Hickey explores light and translucency by transforming clay into unique atmospheric lanterns.
Drawing inspiration from her surroundings Sheila specialises in porcelain; a material that radiates natures organic forms and textures.

Porcelain is a mixture of china clay, quartz and feldspar. China clay found in Devon and Cornwall is processed in Stoke on Trent before being sent out to pottery suppliers and ceramicists all over the UK.
The porcelain lanterns on display here are left unglazed except for the occasional application of oxides and transparent glazes. Every lantern is hand made using a slab roller and various methods of impressing fossils, shells and plant life are used to produce unique one off pieces of work that are largely sculptural in form. The pieces are fettled by sponging and cleaning, then hand painted if required and when bone dry; high fired in an electric kiln for 10 hours to
1250* C.

Originally from Ireland, Sheila has worked in her own studio for over twenty years. Having trained as a wheel thrower in Jersey Pottery, Channel Islands before settling in West Wales, Sheila works from her studio which is located near Milford Haven on the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast.

It was through Sheila’s membership of the Pembrokeshire Craftsmen’s Circle that Steve and I first knew her, when we lived in St David’s. We own two of her beautiful lamps ourselves, and I know my customers will love them as much as we do.

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