Porcelain inkwell by Bridget Macklin


Porcelain inkwell by Bridget Macklin.

Porcelain with black clay and found inclusions.

Diameter 4cm x height 7cm (approx.)

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Bridget is a ceramic artist with a fascination for stories and an obsession with the landscape. Geology is at the core of her work.

Every piece of work she makes begins with the same blank canvas:  a thin sheet of pure white porcelain with its connotations of beauty, value and fragility.

Throughout lockdown she has enjoyed the opportunity to walk a great deal and has been observing the patterns within the rocks on the shores near her home in Cornwall more and more closely: the small details becoming extremely important.  By observing these patterns and marvelling at the immense forces of nature which had formed them, she not only succeeded in managing to keep working despite having no outlets for her work – but she found herself creating work which seemed more vibrant and, despite its size, more successful.

Using the clays which she already had in her studio and mixing in materials which she brought home from her lockdown walks, she started making smaller and smaller pieces.  The pieces seemed to shrink in response to the shrinking of her world.  The materials interacted with the porcelain to build vibrant strata of colour.

“I really do feel as if it has been an exciting time for me.  The space, in terms of time and lack of interruption, has allowed my work to change and grow.  It has happened almost without my noticing – I didn’t really flap my wings very much at all!”