‘Pigeon Post’ Driftwood Assemblage by Rachel Sumner


‘Pigeon Post’ driftwood and mixed media assemblage by Rachel Sumner.

Hook on back for wall hanging.

Dimensions approx. 50cm width x 46cm height.


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Fine Art trained, Rachel has been working as an artist in the West Country for the last 20 years and exhibiting her work countrywide. Previously she lived in rural France.

During her career she has transitioned from her degree in fine art Painting, via a partnership making bespoke textiles and wall hangings to the present day: dividing her time between making textile art works and “mixed media assemblage” as she refers to her driftwood based pieces.

Since returning to England after living in rural France, Rachel settled on the North Devon coast. Her walks along the estuary and coast lead to gathering driftwood and other flotsam and jetsam from the beach.

“As with my textile collection, when it outgrew available space I started to ponder ways of putting it to some artistic use. In the end I gave myself a day to have a go and ended up with a large seascape with boats that still hangs in my studio.

I love the uncomplicated nature of working with driftwood and found objects. They get picked up by me because something resonates: be it a colour or a shape. Back at the workbench I have a lot of fun developing these characteristics and creating birds, fish and boats out of them. Since I started my technical skills have certainly improved a lot which also is a source of satisfaction.  I now also incorporate old tools into my assemblages and paint some of them with locally made chalk paints. The positive response to this work has something of a surprise to me, and very gratifying. It now takes equal place alongside my textile work. I find it is a good counterbalance to the meticulous nature and forward planning needed for an embroidered piece, though that too has its rewards.

All my work is celebratory, often capturing a moment and always relating to the natural world.”