Necklace by Lucy Spink


Synthesis necklace by Lucy Spink in silver.

Each link is made by hand so they are all different and once they are hammered and textured, Lucy joins them together with lichen inspired ‘twists’.




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Lucy Spink is a jewellery designer based in Cornwall, and the wonderful ancient landscapes which surround her are the basis for her inspiration – from the monolith standing stones to the naïve cave drawings which she has seen on her travels.

She has a BA Hons from Glasgow Art School, and amongst her awards she was chosen as Best in Show for new businesses at the Contemporary Crafts Festival, Bovey Tracey, in 2018.

Lucy says “I am fascinated by how closely our lives were once bound to the rhythms of nature. My aim is to create jewellery which is easy for everyone to wear yet thought provoking in the message it carries. As someone who walks in the countryside and sees the changes in the seasons at close quarters, I want to remind people that our natural environment is precious. Now more so than ever, we need to think carefully about our place in the world.”