Monique Jeffrey-Jones – Jewellery

Monique’s jewellery is inspired by the moorland rock formations found in Devon and Cornwall.  Her collections explore the imbalance and incongruity of these natural granite structures, whilst encompassing the wildness of the moorland landscape, its mystery and intrigue.

Within this collection she has applied vitreous enamel to obtain a drawn fractured quality.  She over fires her enamels, then rubs them back travelling through this process repeatedly. Colour plays an important role in her designs.  Monique oxidises the sterling silver providing contrast to the coloured gemstones whilst adding touches of gold here and there. Many of her pieces in this collection have secret locket compartments – tiny doors to open.  She wants to invite the wearer to interact with her jewellery, ‘to tuck a small treasure away in the locket, hidden from the viewer, be it words, small photo, or anything that is held dear and precious’.

Monique started her creative career as a theatre scenic artist, painting sets and making props. She swapped her six-inch paintbrush to tiny tweezers and magnifying glasses and graduated in 2017 with a First Class Hons degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery.

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