Michelle Perry – Woodturning

Michelle is a woodturner with a rural workshop in Mid Devon. In the Gallery I have beautiful lampbases which Michelle has created from oak reclaimed from Plymouth Docks. The wood has been submerged in sea water for decades, and where it has come into contact with the water and metal, a chemical process has caused the oak to turn blue and black where the iron has touched it.

“The weathered looks, and the splits and colours make each lamp totally unique and I can never tell what a lamp will look like until I have almost finished turning. Each individual block needs thorough preparation to make sure no metal remains in the wood which could damage my chisels. Each base is finished in either wax or oil, and the wood can stay ‘alive’, and move and crack more once it reaches home.”

In the gallery I have two sizes of Michelle’s lamp bases which are also available in my online shop.