Mary Cutchee – Ceramics

Based in Totnes, here in Devon, Mary makes ‘modern traditional’ pots with local Devon clay.

She has a strong bond with the Cider Press Centre where my gallery is situated, as she had her studio here for many years.

Mary digs the red clay from a field near here in Dartington, and the white clay comes from Newton Abbot, also in Devon.

She specialises in slipware – a traditional method of Devon pottery where pots are decorated with different coloured slips (liquid clays). After dipping the pot in a contrasting coloured slip Mary uses a sgraffito tool to scratch through the surface clay to reveal the clay underneath, creating patterns of birds and animals based on traditional designs. Finally the addition of a glaze creates warm shades of brown or cream.

Fired to a high temperature in an electric kiln all the pots are food-safe.