Lisa Wisdom – Metal Collage

Lisa Wisdom’s studio is the old blacksmiths workshop of a disused and now derelict granite quarry near Falmouth in Cornwall. Directly inspired by this post industrial landscape, Lisa produces unique artworks quite literally made from fragments found in her immediate surroundings. Taking corrugated roofing sheets, she flattens and cuts segments that speak to her of sky or wall or building.

Using a fragment as a start point, she then layers other scraps to start building up a landscape, finally working into the completed construction with natural black and white charcoals to give detail, line or tonal variation. She will carefully select the material for it’s natural colours and edges, incorporating these into the formation of the landscape, rather than add colour or artificially corrode the metal. The blue sea in her landscapes is patinated copper, these natural oxide colours perfectly represent the ocean colours of Cornwall.

Lisa trained as both Jeweller and Traditional Blacksmith and utilises skills and techniques from both these trades to create her artworks. She has been developing and refining the technique of metal collage since 2011 and her artworks have gone into many private collections around the world.