Kerry Tremlett – Paintings

A textile design degree kick-started Kerry’s creative career over thirty years ago.  Also a former printmaker, a natural progression to painting has provided Kerry with a more direct means of expression. 

“A personal connection with my subject and place is imperative. Living in Devon, my friends, family and the places I visit are the inspiration and the foundation to my ideas. Always with my camera in hand, I observe and record images of people and places. These images have become a rich resource for my work back at my studio. From sketchbooks, my ideas are metamorphosed, to create a dream like narrative in paint. My work is a celebration of colour, friendship, human connection and nature.

My ongoing series of works on ‘Bathers’ is inspired by shared experiences with friends swimming on Dartmoor. For many, the pandemic created a new appreciation of the great outdoors. To help us feel alive, nature became an antidote to the feelings of disconnection and wild swimming became the new ‘thing’.

‘Bathers’ is a celebration of strong friendship and and the solidarity that comes from immersing ourselves in cold water in the glory of the landscape.”

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