Jeanette Hannaby

Jeanette is an enamel artist. Enamelling is the art of fusing glass onto metal.

“I have been enamelling for ten years and find it a fulfilling and exciting medium to work with.

I love the vibrant colours that can be achieved by enamelling and also the unpredictable nature of working with copper and vitreous enamel glass powder.

I use the dry sifting method of enamelling which is to sift glass powder over hand cut stencils onto the copper in several layers to create the picture. This is then fired at just over 800° C for about three or four minutes.

I am a passionate photographer and always have my camera with me to capture inspiration that I can then use for an enamel picture.

 I have recently started making  transfers from some of my photographs (usually trees) which I use as a complete picture or to incorporate the transfer into a landscape.

Recently I have been enamelling onto copper bowls which is great fun and very unpredictable . The bowls are high fired as the aim is to get the glass to run down the bowl creating wonderful patterns.

 My bowls are fired up to five times with more layers of either opaque or transparent glass powder being applied for each firing. “

In the gallery I have a selection of Jeanette’s enamel on copper bowls and you can purchase some of these by mail order in my online shop.