Jackie Gale – Textile Art

Jackie is based in the South Hams of Devon, and is known for her illustrative textile work which is filled with colour and light – sometimes with witty references, such as her sassy drinks pieces, and sometimes showing her unique take on the natural world, such as her vibrant florals and uplifting sea scenes.

“Over time, I’ve been developing my skills and exploring the endless possibilities that textile art allows. From this, my style has become looser, more creative, letting the textures tell the story. Every day my imagination is sparked by my surroundings; the intricacies and textures of nature, the diversity of people, the beauty that the ageing process brings. I like to combine fun, texture, colour and narrative into my work and I find inspiration literally everywhere I go. There is beauty everywhere, if you look for it.

I translate what I see and feel into my work. My Inspiration is always from reality although the finished works are often more abstract in nature. I am always fascinated by the viewer’s perspective and interpretation of a piece of work. Ultimately, art is an experience – I love to draw a viewer in, where they can travel around, ponder, escape and simply enjoy.”

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