Henrietta Paine – Paintings

Henrietta Paine studied Fine Art Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art in the late ‘80’s and early 90’s, leading to work being exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal West of England Academy.  Her focus turned to painting primarily in oils applying this methodology to landscape, still life and in more recent years to figurative works, culminating in an MA in Painting from Plymouth College of Art. An expanding practice, exploring the subject of connection lead to being part of ‘Factory Settings’ at Tate Exchange, Tate Modern in 2018.

Henrietta currently lives and works in South Devon.

“Living on the edge of Dartmoor has gifted me with a never ending supply of inspiration. The soft fecund curves of gently rolling hills, often marked by humans’ need to tame and control, are interpreted using oil paint into rich colour and shape. A rhythmical relationship mirror, and so emotions arise, contrasted in opposites or supported with complementary hues and tones.”

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