Elizabeth Rashley – Lino Prints

Elizabeth Rashley is a lino-cutter who lives and works in Newton Abbot, Devon. Over thirty years ago, she happened to try lino cutting as an alternative to pen and ink drawing. Cutting and printing lino soon became an occupation, producing limited edition prints for sale and illustrating limited edition private press books. 

Nowadays, Elizabeth concentrates on lino for fun, using the craft to express her thoughts and cut whatever springs to mind. She has a pet Victorian Albion printing press which she uses to produce all her work. She enjoys the immediacy of producing black and white prints where the interplay between the block and the carved space is elemental and exposed. Her colour reduction prints involve a much more extended and complex procedure where the lino block is repeatedly reduced by cutting away each colour in turn and printing on top of the colour before. This renders the block unusable at the end of the process. Hence, each colour print edition is a unique event that cannot be reproduced at a later date. 

Elizabeth is interested in the graphic interplay of line, shape and pattern. Not surprisingly, recurring themes in her work are the female form, domesticity and humour.

I feel very privileged to be showing Elizabeth’s work, being the only gallery to currently do so.