Caroline Brogden – Jewellery

Caroline creates colourful and unique coastal inspired jewellery, individually hand carved.

Caroline works with waste and surplus resin leftover from custom surfboard production. This material is known as ‘Surfite’, and Caroline works solely with one Scottish custom surfboard shaper to keep the carbon-footprint of the material as low as possible. Silver and other recycled precious metal elements add structure and form to the pieces.

Caroline’s latest work seeks to create conversation around the ideas of sustainability and circular design. Her designs tell the story of something superfluous and ‘throwaway’ being turned into something beautiful and original.

The Jewellery collection includes a selection of bright and bold earrings, necklaces and rings. Each piece of jewellery is entirely unique due to the nature of Surfite with pieces suitable for all. Caroline currently uses two distinct types of Surfite:

The traditional striped pieces are produced during the ‘glassing’ process of new surfboards.

As the resin is poured over the board, the excess pools off onto the shop floor, drying and setting in random layers. Overtime these layers build up and are normally broken off the shop floor to be disposed of at landfill sites, where it will not decompose.

Caroline also carves small blocks of swirled coloured resin. This is the waste resin leftover from surfboard repairs which has then had any surplus colour swirled through it.

This is a highly labour-intensive process but results in completely unique one of kind jewellery.

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