Bridget Macklin – Ceramics

Geology is at the core of all Bridget’s work. Everything about our natural world excites her. She is constantly amazed by the sense of power within a cliff’s contorted layers or the enormity of the Cosmos and the way its light affects our mood: in every sense, a story being unveiled.

Every piece begins with the same blank canvas: a thin sheet of pure white porcelain with connotations of beauty, light, value and fragility. Into this Bridget mixes coloured porcelain or raw materials found during exploration of a place: the side of a river; excavation of a hole; waste from a mine. These interact unpredictably. Areas boil or melt in firing to build vibrant strata of colour and texture. The final act of polishing for many hours bestows a sense of value and beauty: repeatedly refining a piece, striving to create the thinnest, most lustrous work possible.

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