Bridget Arnold – Lampshades

Bridget is a Cyanotype artist. This is a form of primitive photography first pioneered in 1840 by botanist Anna Atkins to record seaweeds and ferns.

With this process each piece is an original distinct one-off print. Created in two stages, first coating paper or fabric using two cyanotype chemicals mixed to create a photosensitive surface. Objects are then put on top and it is placed in sunlight for an imprint or shadow to take place.

Living on the edge of Dartmoor, Bridget finds objects on her walks near her house on the Granite Tramway, such as flowers, ferns, lichens and feathers which are all used to capture their details.

Bridget is also inspired by visiting the sea shore where she is often found collecting seaweed.

This year Bridget has been experimenting and developing new work using wet cyanotype and soap suds. This is a longer process leaving prints in the sunshine for 5/6 hours, and this gives wonderful textures and colours for her newest prints and book covers.

In the gallery I sell Bridget’s lamp shades in a range of sizes, designs and colours which are also available in my online shop.